Welcome to the North City Diagnostic Centre. For the first time you and your family can have fast access to specialist healthcare and diagnostic facilities that until now, have only been available at a large hospital outside of west bengal, in and around india. The centre provide a full range of healthcare services for all the family - from the unborn child to its aged grand parents.We have state of the art technology available to help our doctors make a fast diagnosis and to begin your treatment as quickly as possible.
At North City Diagnostic Center, the way you see us is just as important as the way we see you. That is saying a lot for a diagnostic center - and it applies to everyone who works here, from our technologists, nurses, and office personnel, to our management and administrative staff. Our goals are to facilitate the needs of physicians and healthcare providers, and provide every patient with the best possible degree of care. Providing the highest standards of service and a patient-centered approach, we have led kolkata in diagnostic and health screening since 1997, serving thousands of patients from the surrounding area and across the nation.
Even the highest quality equipment is powerless without the support of a qualified staff and technical team. Boasting more than 70 highly skilled healthcare professionals, our diagnostic services are provided by esteemed associations of licensed physicians , engaged in the private practice and work as independent consultants. North City Diagnostic Center is independently managed and serves individual patients as well as private medical practices, insurance companies, and over 10 Corporates, including Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Point Of Service (POSs), Medicare, and Medicaid. Contact us today and discover why we are the Kolkata leader in diagnostic service. After all, seeing is believing.
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